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Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.  

— Malcolm Forbes

Parents' Feedback Form

We shall be grateful if you would fill in this questionnaire, which will help us assess and upgrade our performance as a school with high standards to meet and maintain.

The information given by you will be treated confidentially.

Section I

Branch Information

BranchName *


City *

Branch Code (Optional)


Section II

Student Information

Class (and section, if applicable) in which your child is studying:

Parent´s Name:*


Child´s Name*


Child´s ID (optional):





Section III

Subjects (Please tick relevant response)


Quality of teaching

Quality of marking (checking copies)

Quality of grading

Quantity of written homework/ classwork










Section IV


Please express your opinion of clubs and extra-curricular activity organized by the school.


Section V


How do you rate the standard of discipline in the school?

Please assess the emphasis placed by the school upon the following:

Neatness, smartness of uniform

Civic responsibility (queing, protecting the environment, non-littering etc)

Ethical behaviour (morality, honesty, kindness etc)

Please give details of any particular aspect of school discipline, which worries you:



Section VI

Your child´s feedback

Is your child generally happy at school?

Is he/she generally motivated (not bored) by the teachers?

Does he/she feel fairly treated?

Is he/she proud of the school?

If no to any of the questions above, please explain if possible:



Section VII


The school administration staff comprises the Head, Deputy Head, and their admin office staff.

Are you satisfied with the administration?

Do you find that the school administrators are:



If no to any of the questions above, please explain if possible:



Section VIII


Please express your opinion of the latest Parents Day Concert if you wish:

Views on the concert held in (month) (year)


Note: fields mark with * are mandatory.