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The highest result of education is tolerance .  

Helen Keller

Our Publications

Bloomfield Hall School and The Country Schools have instituted a Development and Planning Unit which specializes in preparing course material and publishing books.  Over 40 books have so far been published and they are part of the school curriculum in various schools where appropriate.

 Books for Young Children

My English Book – Pre-School 1
My Number Book – Pre-School 1
My English Book – Pre-School 2
My Number Book – Pre-School 2
My Handwriting Book – Pre-School 2


The Story of Qasim
Journey to Medina
The Story of Hajj
Qasim’s Project
Visitors from Abroad
The Advent of Islam
Stories of the Prophets
The Five Pillars and Other Concepts
The Islamic Calendar
The Four Caliphs
Morals and Manners
Ayat and Ahadis


Junior Urdu for English Medium Schools: Units 1 – 8
Urdu Readers 1 - 5
Middle School Urdu for English Medium Schools:
Stories from the Far East – Book 1
Stories from America – Book 2
Stories from Europe – Book 3
Stories from Africa – Book 4
Nai Zaveay – O level Urdu


My Computer Book 1
My Computer Book 2


Do I know? A Study in Western Philosophy
Pakistan Studies (OUP Publication)
Short Essays in Modern History